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About Us


Food businesses have been flourishing in Afghanistan since last few years. The future of this sector looks bright enough. But, even with the brighter a future, the hyper local logistics problems of food delivery are still surfacing at a rapid pace. There is no proper ecosystem for the local logistics development in Afghanistan which has led to problems like late delivery of products, delivery of wrong products and in some cases, the refusal of the companies to deliver the products to a remote location.


Ghiza.af is resolving these problems by boosting the hyper local commerce. We are a bunch of technology enthusiasts who are using technology to deliver preferred foods to all our customers. Our aim is to deliver convenience to all our customers in a timely fashion. We do not charge anything to our customers for local deliveries given they fulfill the minimum order requirement. We also give our customers all options to use the technology as they desire.

Our Strengths

We want you to choose us because we are focused on developing the hyper local commerce. Your food delivery matters to us and we make sure that you remain satisfied with our services over and over again.

You should choose us because We


•    Are total technology freaks, so you can be sure that our website and other associated applications will not have any irritating glitches and are 100% secure from cyber threats.

•    Deliver food at odd hours like evening and late night hours because we know you can feel hungry anytime.

•    Make sure that the food is still hot and the dessert you order doesn’t melt by offering you the service of a delivery person who is situated close to the restaurant or your place.

•    Make sure hat you have the maximum number of food choices available to you. From delicious Afghan traditional foods to western classics, we deliver it all.

•    Will be expanding our network in the Kabul quite rapidly so that you can place the order from a new restaurant every time you feel hungry.

•    Constantly update you on the deals offered by the restaurants in order to help you save some money when you soothe your hunger.

•    Boast excellent customer service people who will help you place the order for the first time with ease (even if you are not so tech-friendly) and resolve all your queries for as long as you want them to.

•    Have designed a user-friendly application and website that will allow you to place the order within a few seconds (not even minutes!!!) and save your precious time. Our applications also keep a record of regular customers which will save you the pain of entering your information again and again.

What are you waiting for? Just try our impeccable service once and we assure you you’ll always come to us when you feeling hungry. Feel free to contact us if you want answers to any questions that you may have.

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For all your questions please call us at +930202213316 or click on the online support icon at the bottom of the page